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Is it possible to increase the density of the foam? I am looking for a replacement for a hypalon fishing rod grip. Very small cell foam. Med/High density. UV resistantDarin D. on Jul 06, 2017
Best answer Hello Darin, thank you for your question. Unfortunately we only offer these rubber insulation pipes in one density, however, we can do a different thickness of the insulation if that is what you are looking for. We can offer them in the following thickness: 3/8” (9mm), 1/2” (13mm), 3/4” (19mm), 1” (25mm).
Reply Deelat Industrial on Jul 07, 2017
Is the 63mm pipe considered schedule 40? What is the max pressure rating?Ken R. on Feb 16, 2018
Best answer Hello Ken, thank you for your question. No our 63 mm PVC tubing is not considered to be schedule 40 piping. The PVC tube can withstand pressures up to 1.0 Mpa.
Reply Deelat Industrial on Feb 27, 2018
What is the inside diameter? And is the inside diameter the same all the way through? How long is the connector?Chase M. on Jun 25, 2018
Best answer Hello Chase, thank you for your question. The inside diameter is 81.5mm and its the same all the way through. The connector is 4 meters long.
Reply Deelat Industrial on Jun 26, 2018