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does the carpet tile come with some sort of adhesive?Ahmad B. on Dec 25, 2017
Best answer Hello Ahmad, thank you for your question. Our carpet tiles do not come with any sort of adhesive on the back. You would have to purchase the adhesive elsewhere as we do not carry any type of adhesive, we only provide the carpet tiles.
Reply Deelat Industrial on Jan 11, 2018
Please detail application method. ie Does it need to be glued down? If so should it be across the whole product or just on the edges? If one is using vinyl boards as the flooring should they be glued to the cork? Is the pure cork underlay better than the cork/rubber mix in terms of noise reduction? What are the pros and cons of these two? Can one use a cork underlay as well as a cork/rubber underlay (one on top of other)?Felicity S. on Sep 14, 2018
Best answer Hello Felicity, thank you for your questions. Surface Preparation - Surfaces must be clean, dry and smooth, free of voids, loose materials, oil, grease, sealers and all other surface contaminants. Surface areas requiring patching or leveling should be repaired with cement materials. Creating an Isolation Barrier - Unroll cork and cut sections approximately 2” wide off roll. Adhere this 2” isolation barrier around perimeter of the entire floor with any of the entire products. Never mechanically flatten the isolation barrier with screws, nails or staples. This will severely diminish acoustical values of the barrier. Installing the Sound Control Underlayment - Unroll cork and cut to desired length. Lay cork loosely over area to be installed. Both ends of the roll must curl down towards the subfloor. If the ends curl up, flip material over. Butt cork directly against the isolation barrier already installed. Pull the loose laid material back at least half the length of the roll. We strongly suggest across whole product and you can glue the cork on vinyl boards. Cork/Rubber Mix has better noise reduction level than Pure Cork material. Meanwhile, cork has soft, cushiony surface, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial properties and environmentally-friendly; but it's susceptible to damage and sunlight can cause cork to fade. On the other hand, rubber can withstand heavy foot traffic, easy maintenance and more durable; the cons is it's slippery when wet and expensive.
Reply Deelat Industrial on Sep 17, 2018
what are the ic and stc ratings on concreteRhonda L. on Feb 23, 2019
Best answer Hello Rhonda, thanks for your question. Our suppliers use different methods to measure a product's soundproofing ability. This underlayment blocks about 28 dB of noise. If you have any other questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.
Reply Deelat Industrial on Mar 19, 2019